Canvas for Cruisers

A comprehensive book on exterior and interior sewing projects for  boats.

What is in the Book

Julie Gifford Canvas Book

Julie Gifford retired in 1999 at the age of 42 and went sailing! 

She and her husband Ed Kettyle jumped on their 44' sailboat Free Radical and spent the next 13 years sailing - completing a circumnavigation of the planet in 2006.

After completing her circumnavigation she worked for a period of time at the North sail loft in St Martin in the eastern Caribbean.

Her professional training at the sail loft combined with her personal experience living full time on a boat and a lifelong love of sewing, have inspired her to write this very thorough and practical book.

Canvas sewing book Canvas for Cruisers

The Book

Canvas for Cruisers is a fully comprehensive and detailed book on sewing canvas for boats.

Are you frustrated because those other books just don't give you the details on materials and construction? This is the book for you!

Learn the techniques the professionals use to produce quality products - strong, practical and beautiful.

Canvas for Cruisers walks you through the fitting and fabrication of every interior and exterior project you are ever likely to need. And how to make quality repairs to keep your boat looking great.      

The only Canvas Book you will ever need..

Do it Yourself...

whether you are a novice or experienced canvas worker this book will  help you save money with professional results. 

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